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Where Do I Start to Get Promoted?

It’s officially open – this is the first in a series of posts where I will show you the ins and outs of getting promoted.

Why? Because my new course, GET PROMOTED is open and I want you to see how much juicy information will be packed into this four-week adventure. I hope you’ll join us!

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Where Do I Start?

Moving up the ladder used to accurately describe the way you navigated a company. Just 15 years ago, the standard formula to calculate promotions centered around how many years you had been at the company combined with your tenure in the position. In other words, how much time you’ve sat your butt in the same seat.

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LY Podcast Episode 8: Kelly Gurnett from Cordelia Calls It Quits



Kelly Gurnett from Cordelia Calls It Quits is featured in this episode. Kelly shares her experience going from a full-time gig that she got comfortable in, to transitioning her writing business into a side hustle, to finally quitting her day job to become a full-time freelancer.

Kelly shares her very personal story of knowing when it was time to follow her dream and push herself out of her comfort zone, how it all worked (and what didn’t), and how she partnered up with the right people to help her get to where she wanted to go, faster.


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Getting Out of Tactical Hell



What have I always hated about “work?” The consistent answer is being in tactical hell. I’m guessing you feel my pain. Being able to not only strategize, but tactical deliver is considered a huge differentiator in the workplace and in the solopreneur world. You don’t just think, you do.

But isn’t tactical hell… hell?

In the corporate environment, knowing the nitty gritty details and being able to execute them, is valued. Perhaps it even helps you with job security in some positions. When you become known as the go-to person for X, Y or Z, then your stock in the company goes up as well.

But how do you move past paying your dues with tactical delivery and transition into strategy and leadership?

I have worked at various small and large companies across the U.S. One of the most mind-boggling things that is consistent throughout all of them, is senior leaders, dealing with the tactical BS – constantly. Directors, VPs, and above wanting to stay intimately connected with the tactical delivery of their scope of responsibility.

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Being Able to Walk Away from an Offer



Earlier in my career, I always felt lucky to just have a job. That was before the economy turned to crap and jobs were harder to find. I never thought about the long-term trajectory of the skills that I wanted to use and leverage during my career, or what brought me joy. My goal was simple: be employed, earn a lot of money, and move up the ladder.

Let’s just say that I went through a LOT of jobs during those years. I was an apply and interview queen. If a company was a well-known name and they wanted me, then I said yes. Always.

At some point in 2010 when the idea of starting my own business, becoming my own boss, started to become a real possibility, my attitude to saying yes to companies shifted, dramatically. I can’t pinpoint what happened exactly, but perhaps for the first time I realized my own value to a company… not the other way around.

It’s Ok to Walk Away

I still applied and interviewed at what would be considered, for many, dream companies. Think: Silicon Valley’s biggest names and “cool places” to work. I applied, interviewed, and was offered a few awesome roles.

But I said no to all of them.

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Social Media is Killing Your Job Prospects



It happens every day. Someone in my Twitter feed or Facebook timeline, does or says something that makes me cringe. Not because they are using foul language (you know to be careful with that, right?), or that they are being overtly inappropriate.

But because they are being a whiny, pain the butt.

I am not going to lie and say I understand how people lose perspective and download their thoughts about the world without considering the impact before doing so. Maybe I’m old, or old school, or just overly paranoid. As they say, once it’s out there – it’s out there.

As an HR professional (and any recruiter and hiring manager with a brain), I will be checking these accounts before making an offer. There is no exception.

I’ll use a real life example – so you can see what I’m talking about. I have a real life friend (let’s call him Bob) who is actively seeking a new job. Not overtly, but he’s definitely ready to move on to what’s next. As a person, he’s a hard worker, easy to get along with, doesn’t rock the boat, and delivers slightly above average – a good employee.

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