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This is probably the most exciting and scary posts I’ve ever written. But here we go…

Yesterday, without much fanfare and plenty of glitches, I launched my new website and brand – Launch Yourself (go ahead and click through to the site, it’s worth it!). I’ll be detailing the launch and the glitches soon, but for now, I want to share with you why I re-launched and what is on the horizon.

For the past year and half, I have been a solopreneur. I have been juggling a few different business streams, and continually stumbling over the question – “So what do you do exactly?”

My answer depended upon who I was talking to, frankly. For a coach just stepping into their business, I was a website designer. For the entrepreneur who was creating/launching a product of program, I was a launch strategist + implementer. And for most of you, I was a chief career officer helping you navigate the waters of Human Resources.

The truth is, I am all of those things. And I love all of those aspects of my businesses.

But the way I was going about it wasn’t scalable. I couldn’t grow bigger. I couldn’t reach my new BIG dreams heading down the same path.

If I was confused as to how to answer the question of “What business are you in,” I can only imagine how confusing it could have been for others who didn’t know me well. Isn’t that lesson 101 in the whole entrepreneur thing – be able to tell people what you do?

I didn’t intentionally create chaos or different niches or a plot to take over the world (insert evil cackle). But along the way, people started to value different things in my knowledge library that I enjoyed sharing, so I started saying yes.

My business expansion wasn’t intentional. It just happened – and then I followed it, hung my official “shingle” up, and tried to focus my time in three different directions. It worked – but not as well as it could. Not as well as I wanted it to.

So I needed to get real with myself and figure out if I was going to narrow my focus, or find the common thread. The common thread seemed more interesting.

I started by analyzing the three different businesses and my process for each – were there any similarities, any overlap, any things that could be applied across the board? Surprisingly, there were several consistent themes. Perhaps that’s why I enjoyed doing all three?

Now that it was clear what held everything together (yep, I’ll share the process in an upcoming post), I knew that I could keep doing the things that I love, through repositioning who I am. I’m not changing what I do – I’m just changing the way I communicate those things with you.

At the core of what I love – I am a launcher.

I love taking the current state and having it grow bigger and better. Whether it’s taking your career to the next level, establishing yourself online, or spreading your knowledge through a course. Helping people be better, reach for more, achieve their maximum potential is what I do best.

And I can’t wait to be able to help you scale you career, biz or brand too.

What’s next?

First, you can expect me to get back to a consistent schedule of posting now that the coding is done! That aside, I also have some great new goodies when you subscribe to my list – 5 Rules for High Performers and the BIG Launch Checklists. Go on – sign-up!

Second, I am excited to hear from you about what you want me to chat more or less about here – so please drop me a line and let me know.

Third, I am going to be starting a podcast (gasp). This is beyond terrifying for me to say out-loud, and it’s not just because I sound like I’m 12 on radio. It’s new for me, I’m not yet an expert in doing it, but it’s something I have wanted to do for the past year and fear has stood in my way. So I declare now, that will be part of this launch for me. I’ve already snagged some awesome interviewees – I’m beyond thrilled!

Finally, you will see some new things here. I am going to experiment more with what I do and how I do them, whether that means doing some video blogs, giveaways, creating a library of resources, new products and courses, and more personal topics. I have officially transitioned from acting like a freelancer, into being a business owner.

I told you that my dreams weren’t BIG enough earlier this year. And I’m not ok with that any longer, so the rebranding and relaunch of my business, is the first step in wanting more.

So I encourage you to join me on this journey as we explore how to better than we are today. You can launch yourself – and you deserve to be seen and make an impact in your life. I can’t wait to share the journey. 

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