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Hello peeps! My time in the amazing Colorado Rockies is coming to an end soon unfortunately, and I need to find a new city to hang my hat. In my last seven city moves, it hasn’t typically been difficult to pinpoint where I was going – work moved me, I had a good friend in a location, cost of living, or so on.

That is, until now. I am without a clue as to where to go next so I need YOUR help. Help me find my new city! (Yes, that means that you, my readers, are going to choose my next stop!)

Below are some things that I’m looking for, if your city or one you know, meets all (or some) of the criteria, please leave a note below or email me at melissa (at) loosenyourwhitecollar (dot) com.


  • Four seasons are preferred; cold weather prevails (in other words, as much as I love visiting Arizona, Hawaii, and Florida – they are not ideal for me to live). I love snow, loathe rain and heat/humidity.
  • Decent cost of living as I’ll be renting
  • Small, medium or large city or town, but not a suburb (I’m convinced there is a difference!)
  • Young-ish population; entrepreneurial community (even if it’s small)
  • Near to mountains or water
  • Must be within the U.S. (for now)

That’s about it. See why this is so hard?

And if it’s helpful, here are the places I’ve already lived:

  • Denver, CO –> off the list
  • Madison, WI
  • New York/New Jersey
  • San Diego, CA –> off the list
  • Mountain View, CA
  • Atlanta, GA
  • Copper Mountain, CO

Please help me out!!! And we’ll narrow them down here and then YOU will choose my next home. Comment below to tell me where you think I should go and share with your friends – the more suggestions, the better!

Join the discussion 12 Comments

  • Ellen says:

    Asheville, NC!

    • melissalywc says:

      I love that – that was actually on my list, and one of my fav vacay’s I took. Thanks for the suggestion!

  • I’m going to selfishly say Philadelphia. 😉

  • Your requirements have Portland, Maine written all over them. Not that I’m biased or anything… (I actually was going to suggest Quebec City until I got to the U.S. requirement!) Wherever you go, enjoy this awesome deciding portion – what fun!

  • Bethany Shady says:

    Mill Valley, CA in Marin County. The greatest place in the world.

    • melissalywc says:

      Marin County is GORGEOUS! Just not meeting the “cost of living” criteria for the most part. But I will put Mill Valley on my “need to check out” list. Thank you!

  • Melissa says:

    Boston. Expensive, BUT fantastic people and great region to be during autumn.

    • melissalywc says:

      I agree – I love it up there, and it’s always on my list… but the price! I’ll keep considering it. Thanks for the suggestion!

  • Emily Smith says:

    MINNEAPOLIS!!! It meets all of the criteria :-). Plus you’ve already had a taste of the midwest so it’ll be an easy transition! There is defintely an enterprenuial community here as well! Always rated as one of the top places for young professionals and people in general because of how healthy it is- tons of water/lakes, gorgeous, and beautiful 4 seasons. In other words, people are SUPER active here, especially in the summer. Cheap cost of living (very comparable to Dallas when I moved there, in fact Dallas was more expensive) within the city. I’m happy to be back here for the next couple of years before I decide to make another move! Come join me :-). The summers can be humid, but have been wonderful the last few summers…..70’s, breezy, and sunny is how I describe them 🙂

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