Launch Yourself Business Coaching is for people who are ready to conceive, build and launch their idea into a profitable business – and want to avoid as many early entrepreneurial blunders as possible. LY Coaching is for coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs who are from start-up phase to below the six-figure income mark.

I am going to help you create a plan to get your business off the ground and also help you implement everything into action. You will know exactly what to do next and won’t waste any more time in analysis paralysis, figuring out how to make things happen, whether you are still in the new business planning stage, ready to start generating income or scale your business to the next level.

  • If you are frozen like a deer caught in headlight, you will know exactly what steps to take next and have a roadmap to keep moving you forward.
  • If you are suffering from post-course overload and not sure how to put all of your new entrepreneur knowledge into action, you will learn how to apply these lessons one-by-one.
  • If you are trying to scale your business, you will learn exactly which components to leverage to grow and increase your audience and income.

If you aren’t sure where your business is going, or it’s leaving you frustrated and disappointed, or you’re feeling overwhelmed and can’t figure out where to start, or feel frozen because you don’t know what to do next, Launch Yourself Coaching will help you.

Through LY Coaching, I have helped create over 75 small businesses with a focus on the foundation of longevity and sustainable success. You can be success story number 76.

After we work together, you will not only know exactly what to do today, but you will be doing it – and you will have the tools, information and best practices to implement and grow your business.

Take a Peek at Launch Yourself® Coaching

LY coaching is a one-on-one coaching program with me that includes:

  • An idea to business evaluation: learn how to filter different business and product ideas, to choose the best path forward.
  • A current “state of the union” for your business: from an objective perspective, understand what areas of your business are set-up for success, and other key areas to focus on (in the right order)
  • A strategic roadmap to plan your implementation: you will have a roadmap for getting stuff done; finally implementing all of the great advice you’ve received along the way at the high-level, and know how to put it to good use.
  • Best practices (pitfalls and successes): don’t waste time or energy where you don’t need to – I’ll help steer you away from some common traps and help short-cut success as well.
  • Accountability and guidance: doing it on your own can not only be scary, but a time suck – I’ll be here to support and guide you along the way, keeping you honest and on track… and be a sounding board for “whacky” ideas.
  • We’ll stop staying in the strategic and start being tactical: getting things launched and generating a profit: you’ll get the nitty-gritty details of how to actually get things done – whether it be web code, product creation, etc. – it’s the DIY version of putting things out there (that don’t suck).

Take a Look at Some of the Results I’ve Helped Clients Like You Achieve

Many of the people I’ve worked with have been in the early stages of their business – narrowing down their idea, changing markets, or scaling to the next level. Here are just a few examples:

My client Kathy is a shining success story – she exceeded her first-year customer and financial goals by 70%. She is a former corporate executive who was ready to step out on her own after being laid off – knowing that she wouldn’t be able to find a comparable job in her location at the beach. Wanting to leverage her skills and industry contacts, I helped her launched a consulting business from scratch. Her favorite part of the LY program was learning the best practices to shortcut her success and the pitfalls to avoid.

Eric came to me right after getting his coaching certification. He was so excited to start “being a coach,” but wasn’t sure how to launch his coaching practice. After working together for six months, he was able to put his training to use and have a profitable business. Not a six-figure business mind you, but within six months he was earning income above his break-even point.

Trina was at a plateau and wasn’t quite sure why her travel business wasn’t growing bigger. She was earning money, but wanted year two and three to be stellar. Her model was a bit different as she was part-franchise owner and part blogger, so she had some of the tactical implements in place. Together we focused on reaching and connecting with a new audience and understanding why they weren’t converting. Her travel business grew into a six-figure income during year two!

With LY Coaching, you will start implementing and launching – taking your business to the next level. We will move from analysis paralysis into action; the how to put your ideas into something tangible; the steps to bring your idea to life; and the tools to reach your market; and the ultimate solution: having the profitable business of your dreams.

Take the Next Step – Get in Touch and We’ll See if We’re a Great Fit for Launching your Business

Here’s how the process starts:

  • Complete this application – to make sure I can help you and that we’d be a good match.
  • You will receive an email with my calendar link, for a free 20 minute chat to discuss your unique situation and discuss our partnership and next steps.

And if you decide you want to work together, here’s how it will unfold. Pricing is below – get in touch today.

  • If we’re a match, you will choose the best coaching package for you and pay for the package through Paypal and set-up your first coaching call through my online scheduling link.
  • Before our call, you will have homework to complete to help me better understand where you currently are and where you want to be. I spend a lot of time with this information to help customize your plan.
  • We will then meet at the scheduled time – via phone or Skype (audio), to discuss your business and get coachsulting!

Contact Me

(I should also tell you about the bonus goodies you get when we work together …)

  • Limited email/Voxer access to me, in between our coaching sessions for when something urgent comes up, you have a big aha moment, or to ensure you are on track. The biggest moments in coaching happen while we are doing the work in between calls – and I’ll be there to support at every step along the way.
  • If we have our calls via Zoom, you will receive an audio recording of the calls for you to refer back to at any time.
  • Post-session action items and homework to keep you moving forward and hold you accountable.
  • Access to my network – all of my online and offline connections.

Coaching Packages/Pricing:

  • 14 hours coaching/6 Months – $4,500
  • 8 hours coaching/3 Months – $2,500
  • 4 hours coaching/1 Month – $1,500

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See What Clients are Saying about Working with Me

Jenny BlakeWorking with Melissa is THE best investment I have made in two years of running my own business. She is incredibly smart, strategic, skilled with technology and savvy about all aspects of launching and communicating a product. Working with her has given me an enormous sense of peace of mind; nothing falls through the cracks, it all gets done in record speed, and I know I have a brilliant thought-partner to bounce ideas off of when I get stuck.

As a small business owner, you’ve probably got your hands plenty full already — why re-invent the wheel when it comes to implementing the systems and strategies that someone else is already an expert at? I couldn’t come up with a good answer, so I was so thrilled when I realized Melissa was it. – Jenny Blake from and

emily sandfordOver the past two years, Melissa has become my default go-to person for many things. As I work to grow my business, Melissa has been instrumental in helping me with prioritizing and breaking down projects in a way that makes sense. What sets Melissa apart, however, is that she has experience in successful launches of ebooks, affiliate programs, websites and more. When I or any of my clients encounters a problem or needs guidance on how to go from concept to launch, Melissa is the first and only person I need to call.She is extremely quick to respond and completes tasks in a timely and thorough manner. I look forward to working with her on several launch projects in the future and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.  – Emily Sandford at

I cannot thank you enough for all your mentoring over the past months.  It was truly amazing, and is very useful to me now as I am getting started.  Your help was exactly what I needed, and I hope that others starting out can benefit from such great mentoring.  I just wanted to let you know I am moving out on my own (with my business), and thanks to you, I am full of great advice and lessons learned.  Thanks for the words of encouragement.  Things are going well, and I am so grateful to you.  I keep hearing your words and our conversations when I encounter my little challenges and “what to do nows.” – Kathy H.