Stuck: What Comes Next? Part 2

Still feeling stuck, but maybe just in a new place now? Not to fret, you’ve still made progress if you started working on the three action items in part one. But let’s keep the momentum and push forward!

At this point, you’ve captured the words and feedback your real clients and customers are using. You’ve likely needed a little break to process all of that… or try and rationalize it all away (don’t fall into this trap). You know what your past customers need next and how you helped them when you partnered together – gold my friends, gold.

You’ve also been super clear with yourself – you know who you are, what you excel in, what you sorta (or majorly) suck at, what you want to keep doing, and so on. Do not continue forward until you’ve done this hard work – it’s uncomfortable, but it is paramount to building a successful business for YOU, especially long term.

And finally, you’ve spent some time digging deep into creating your ideal business model – or, the type of business you want to run. If you’re unsure about your exact business model, don’t worry – it can flex and change over time if you are finding things aren’t quite working, but you need to be certain with the model you’re starting with. If you’re still unsure… try and replicate the business models for people already in your space, that feels like what you want, and tweak it with your own thoughts. Remember: don’t just pick and plop someone else’s – it won’t work.

So… what’s next from here?

#4: What are the Two or Three Problems You Solve?

Now is when you’re hoping to get the advice to start selling, right? Um… don’t do that. 😉 Instead, drill down and pick exactly and only, two or three problems you can help people solve.

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Stuck: What Comes Next?

When I started my first coaching business after leaving my corporate job, I was overjoyed with the possibilities! I was wrapping up my coach training certification, read the “it” books (Book Yourself Solid and Get Clients Now!), hired a coach, and started to “do the work” to become a coach.

I spent months with my head down figuring out what my red carpet strategy would be, the list of people I could reach out to within my network, determining who my avatar was, and so on. And after a few months, I landed my first coaching client and was thrilled to death.

But now what?

I had IDEAS of what I needed to do… products I should create, ebooks I should write (and I wrote them), lead magnets to “bribe people,” and so on. But I wasn’t actively building a coaching business. I was freelancing as a coach every now and then, interspersed with lots of book work and frustration when no one signed up.

One of the most common things I hear when I talk with other entrepreneurs, especially coaches!, is I have a business or an idea, but I’m stuck. What should I do next? Or worse, they are in my situation and did all of the “work,” but are not making any income.

And desperation sets in. Rightfully so. We start a business to earn money, pay our bills at the core – and also enjoy the freedom and passion along the way.

And while I don’t believe in touting “5 steps to 6 figures” systems or a “do this and that will happen” approach – because frankly, I’ve tried ALL of those products, and while there may be some nuggets within them, success is up to YOU. You can turn it around!

So if you find yourself in this situation, here’s what to do next to get yourself moving forward in the right direction.

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Your Avatar is Failing You and Your Business

Do you know your demographic of who buys the stuff you’re selling? Are they woman in certain age range with 2 kids and a dog? Or maybe you have created your ideal customer Avatar – you’ve named her Sarah and she is exactly the type of person who you want to work with, your ideal client.

And after knowing exactly who SHE is, why isn’t SHE coming to buy your product, service, coaching, etc.?

Maybe you’re having a hard time finding more than one Sarah in the world, or you’ve realized that your demographic description feels either too vague or too niched. Either way, your sales aren’t what you want them to be. Heck, what they should be for as much time, energy and effort you’re putting into your business.

But why? You’ve done the work, you’ve listened to experts and you’ve probably worked with several awful clients to reach who you know are your people. Now you just have to find them… right?

Wrong. Well, sort of. You have to find your people, but your Avatar or demographic description is NOT going to get you more clients. It may help you write blog posts or know who to validate new products with, but it’s not going to make you money. In fact, it’s holding you back from what will bring you sales.

And that’s the urgent need.

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LY Podcast Ep. 28 feat. Rick Turoczy

Rick Turoczy is a serial entrepreneur with many successes under his belt – all stemming from a popular blog about the Portland, OR startup community. Rick has applied his experience to an accelerator program in Portland called PIE – the Portland Incubator Experiment.

In this episode, Rick talks about the creativity of entrepreneurs and how, through various endeavors, helps entrepreneurs interact more creatively. And of course, how to ask for help to succeed (or fail faster).



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LY Podcast Ep. 27 feat. Ann Christiano

Ann Christiano is a professor at the University of Florida and created frank – an event bringing together communicators for social change. Stepping outside of her comfort zone when it launched, Ann shares how frank came to be and perhaps, a future shift in the way of the working world.

In this episode, Ann talks about the importance of community events, how to build partnerships with others and being your most authentic self at work – and how that impacts others.

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