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Your brand is your promise to your customers and clients. Through words, colors, the look and feel of your site, and your offerings, you tell a story about who you are and who you want to be.

So there’s a lot riding on getting it right.

Are you the bold and outspoken business coach? Or the soft and warm one?

Are you the coach ready to finally hang your shingle out there? Or the one still waiting for that big push?

You can’t be all things to all people and if you try, you’ll just confuse the people you wish would stick around.

In order to not confuse them you need to get clear on who you are, who you want to serve, and the best ways to get their attention.

And that’s exactly what I help my clients do.

Here are two ways we can work together to launch your brand:

1. The Look and Feel Session

This might be the single most fun session I ever do with clients. During this session we talk about who you are trying to reach, what you stand for, and your desired customer experience.

We will do this through questionnaires, homework, and two 1-hour calls. The cost is $300. And you will have your brand color, look and feel, and branding guidelines ready to go.

Once we complete this session, you have one of two options: Have me design your site, or take your “Deliciously You” branding document to another designer and have them work their magic. Ready to have be Deliciously You? Reserve your spot here.

2. Website Design

I am passionate about helping entrepreneurs succeed – let me build your site, so you can focus on what you do best. I build beautifully designed and affordable WordPress websites for entrepreneurs.  Your new website will reinforce your company’s brand and convert new clients – without breaking the bank. I have a variety of options to get your business up and running online, depending upon your immediate needs and budget.

Check out a few of the sites we’ve created, and more information about our pricing and options are below. Want a quote now? Contact me here.

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This blog site package includes just the WordPress application installation, database creation, theme upload and install – through Elegant Themes (other theme options available as well). Essentially, you want a website up and running and want to do the “work,” but don’t want to hassle with the set-up to get it launched.

What You Get:

  • Website framework/theme install
  • One navigation menu
  • Five-page creation – content to be uploaded by you
  • Theme upload and set up per theme author instructions (original design, no changes to layout)
  • One 30 minute call to answer any questions that you may have about how to use/access your new WordPress site.

What You Don’t Get:

  • Content creation or upload
  • Theme customization or CSS edits
  • Branding – font or color changes
  • No custom graphics
  • Social media integration
  • Mailing list integration/sign-up forms

Examples include: How to Land a Job and Stop Hating Your Job.

You get everything in the basic package, but with a ton of extras and business branding! This package is through Elegant Themes templates (other theme options available) – but with your customization! You have a vision, and I’m here to bring your business to the web.

What You Get:

  • Everything from the Standard package
  • Branding features incorporated into the site including font selection, color customization, logo uploaded
  • 5 page creation and content upload (provided by you)
  • Social media integration
  •  Integration of pre-designed/code provided, mailing list forms
  • One 60 minute call to answer any questions that you may have about how to use/access your new WordPress site.

What You Don’t Get:

  • Content or graphic/logo creation
  • Customized/fully designed/unique layout
  • Customizations outside of color and formatting

Examples include: Personalized By Barbara and Melanie Axman.

Have a vision and want it to come to life? Custom packages start at $2,500 and typically include the upload and installation/design through Headway Themes (preferred). Essentially, with this package we can create whatever your heart desires. We are a true partner along the way helping you:

  • Decide on overall look/feel – coming up with some ideas and examples
  • Find custom color and font suggestions
  • Assist you with look/feel of your logo and graphic package

And more! Essentially, we’re here to let your business and blog shine! Contact me for more details.

Examples include: Dr. David GeierJanine Beauty and Nicole Borsuk



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Word on the Street

AndreeIn my opinion, this was the best money I have ever spent!!  I recently started a private practice, and had no idea how to build and design a website.  I was a little worried about calling, because I thought I would be judged or feel stupid for not being more of a “techie”.  Boy, was I wrong!!!  My experience with Melissa was nothing like that.  She was with me every step of the way, explaining, encouraging and supporting me through the whole process.  I can honestly say that ” love my website”!!! – Andree at LeapofFaith.co

emily sandfordOver the past two years, Melissa has become my default go-to person for many things. As I work to grow my business, Melissa has been instrumental in helping me with prioritizing and breaking down projects in a way that makes sense. What sets Melissa apart, however, is that she has experience in successful launches of ebooks, affiliate programs, websites and more. When I or any of my clients encounters a problem or needs guidance on how to go from concept to launch, Melissa is the first and only person I need to call.She is extremely quick to respond and completes tasks in a timely and thorough manner. I look forward to working with her on several launch projects in the future and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her. – Emily Sandford at AuthenticallyEmmie.com

Working with Melissa has been instrumental to my re-branding efforts. Her creativity, patience and planning helped me map out my new site, and turn my vision into a reality. Melissa has extensive experience with web site building for a variety of clients in a range of industries, and her ease navigating different platforms and themes is evident. She’s fantastic to work with, incredibly efficient, and comes highly recommended! – Melanie Axman at MelanieAxman.com

I hired Melissa to help me with me website. Not only did she get it up and running and made it look great; but she also took the time to meet with me and teach me how to use all the features. I had a million questions and she was very patient with me.  Melissa is really talented at what she does and is a joy to work with! – Nicole Borsuk at NicoleBorsuk.com