LY Podcast Ep. 28 feat. Rick Turoczy

Rick Turoczy is a serial entrepreneur with many successes under his belt – all stemming from a popular blog about the Portland, OR startup community. Rick has applied his experience to an accelerator program in Portland called PIE – the Portland Incubator Experiment.

In this episode, Rick talks about the creativity of entrepreneurs and how, through various endeavors, helps entrepreneurs interact more creatively. And of course, how to ask for help to succeed (or fail faster).


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LY Podcast Ep. 27 feat. Ann Christiano

Ann Christiano is a professor at the University of Florida and created frank – an event bringing together communicators for social change. Stepping outside of her comfort zone when it launched, Ann shares how frank came to be and perhaps, a future shift in the way of the working world.

In this episode, Ann talks about the importance of community events, how to build partnerships with others and being your most authentic self at work – and how that impacts others.

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LY Podcast Ep. 26 feat. Laura Leigh Clarke

Laura Leigh Clarke from ProsperityQM is a successful author and coach, not to mention a recovering quantum physicist cum prosperity creator, profiler, and also actor, martial artist, and die hard Dr. Who Fan. She was running a very successful coaching business following the success of her book, Wire Yourself for Wealth, when she realized she was a vanilla life coach.

In this episode, Laura talks about her realization that she wasn’t be uniquely who she is and how she pivoted her business to let her authentic self shine through… and how that impacted her business and life.

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LY Podcast Ep. 25 feat. Shannon Whitehead

Shannon Whitehead from Factory45.co, is a distinguished sustainable apparel designer, who now helps other aspiring designers learn how to take their design idea to launch. Can you imagine – having a fashion sketch and then finally knowing how to get it made? You can do that just that in her program (applications are open until March 2nd).

In this episode, Shannon talks about her accelerator program Factory 45. She walks us through two different launches with different approaches and what her best advice is, for people looking to create their own program.

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LY Podcast Ep. 24 Feat. Tim Grahl

Tim Grahl, for many years, was the man behind bestselling books and authors – helping them launch their book onto the list and create a platform and audience to help them engage with their fans online. As a long-time follower of Tim’s, I was excited to get his take on launching – and he shares with us two launches of his course, Instant Best Seller.

As you’ll hear, Tim shares specific and actionable information on what he did to take his course from disaster to a high-performing launch – and how you can too.

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