LY Podcast Episode 3: Paul Angone from All Groan Up

Paul Angone from All Groan Up and author of 101 Secrets for Your Twenties, is featured in this episode. Paul tells us how he marketed and launched his book, on a short turnaround time.

Paul landed his book deal after his post 21 Secrets from Your 20s went viral – being read by more than a million people in 180 countries. Paul has a background in “traditional” marketing – but walks us through how he leveraged his skills in marketing to go on a book tour, getting the word out, and landing his book on bestseller’s lists.

In this episode, Paul reflects back on his recent book launch – what worked well, what could have been done better, and what he’s working on now. And keeps me giggling throughout.




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LY Podcast Episode 2: Emily Sandford



Emily Sandford from Authentically Emmie and Authentically Social, is featured in this episode. She is a well-known blogger in the fitness and wellness category, and also has a thriving social media business. We chat about her own big launch – moving from a stable corporate job into launching her own social media firm.

Emily has been by my side as I launched my own business – through all of the ups and downs, helping keeping me on track and striving for more. She has helped thousands (or more!) of women feel comfortable in their own skin, and extremely open about sharing her struggles with her weight and confidence. (Spoiler alert – she continues to smash through them!).

In this episode, Emily shares how she knew it was time to walk away from her stable job, how she prepared for the leap, and how things have been since.




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LY Podcast Episode 1: Book Launch Strategies with Pamela Slim

body of work by pam slim PODCAST


In the inaugural episode of the Launch Yourself Podcast, I interview Pamela Slim, author of Body of Work and Escape from Cubicle Nation. She walks us through her current launch strategies for a successful book launch.

The success of Pam’s first book, has helped many unhappy corporate workers become thriving entrepreneurs. She has been instrumental in my own career – first from afar, providing me with the idea that you can create your own work path outside of the traditional route, and then as a mentor and coach – helping me define my own body of work.

In this episode, Pam will share so many rich nuggets of wisdom, not only about her current book launch strategies, but also about how to define your own Body of Work.





Topics discussed include:

  • Career development post-economic “apocalypse”
  • Specific details about her book launch including:
    • Activities to reach new markets while still engaging and interacting with your fans
    • Converting fence-sitters into fans
    • Obstacles that have come up during this launch and how she’s tackled them
  • The power of networking and tactics to consider when you make the Big Ask

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