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A little over a month ago, I asked the internet where to live on my next adventure. Let’s just say that my timing was… off, as I only had about two weeks to pick a new place, visit it, find a place to live, and make the move happen. Low and behold – I never settled on a new location.

But that was just an excuse for what was really going on. I have always been ready to move somewhere new – I never really understood what it meant to want to settle down in one place, find a city that felt “right.” To me it has always been about the experiences, the people I meet along the way, and learning new cultures and adjusting in uncomfortable environments.

Until this summer.

For the first time in maybe ever, I found a location that made my heart sing. (Yep, I just dropped some woo-woo on you). I finally got it – why people stay in one place for so long. There’s a feeling, a vibe, a calmness.

Maybe that’s just what my soul-city feels like, but there is no denying that something special happens. I absolutely loved living in Copper Mountain, CO; despite all of the challenges and inconveniences it provided. Being there, being on the mountain, literally changed my life and perspective.

Which brings me to today. Where I moved back to Atlanta, GA not quite a week ago. (Gasp, right?)

It’s hard to tell you the exact reasons why because they don’t sound all that logical to most people. As much as I love Copper, I can’t afford to live there year-round. Especially the way I lived there this summer (right at the base of the mountain in Center Village). I’m not sure if I can overcome the inconveniences and issues that comes with living there – not many people… ie., not many new friends or social life; driving to another town for groceries and mail; power outages when I can’t work; and so on.

In my mind, it was just too big of an obstacle to overcome right now.

Living in Copper was a dream – I could hardly believe that I was able to make it a reality… and thrive there. I wasn’t prepared for not wanting to leave – that has literally never happened to me before.

But I had to put my big girl pants on and “be responsible.” While doing well, my business is not quite yet in a place where the extra expenses that comes with living in a dream location, is responsible (and the realities of being a solopreneur).

The stress of trying to keep afloat and expand while money being so tight, would ruin my soul city. And I am not ok for that to happen, now that I finally found “my place.”

So I made a difficult personal decision based on a business need. Which leads me back to Atlanta.

Instead of going to a new city, I wanted to be around people that I know and love, be able to save money, have enough space for a desk somewhere at home, and focus on my business with the goal of getting back to Copper. So that’s what this year is about.

Atlanta isn’t a consolation prize or an awful place to be. In fact, I have enjoyed living here and am excited to be back. But it’s not my home. It doesn’t instantly calm me when I wake-up and look out my window. It doesn’t make my heart soar.

So after another drive across the country with Simmy (my cat), I am starting to settle into my new place here in the ATL. My expectations were low, my excitement level probably read more as dread to my friends, but that’s not the case anymore. My place is amazing, I ended up with a gorgeous view (all things considered), and have already started to find my new normal.

Oh, and did I mention that I’m working on a new project too? Yeah, it’s been a busy and exciting time – and so much more ahead!!!

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  • Jenna says:

    I love this because I can entirely relate with it. I’m not sure when you wrote this, but I feel ya. I always call “my place” my “soul city,” which is why I found you –was suddenly curious to see if anyone else referred to their place as that. I’m not sure where I came up with the term, though I have always said I believe in “soulmates,” so I think I figured it’s just the same, but it’s a place.
    Anyway, I hope you’re back in Copper -or better, yet, I hope you’re sweetly surprised by your newfound happiness in Atlanta.
    You are not alone 🙂

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