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Real launch and digital product sales strategies and tactics that are working right now, so your digital products *actually* sell

Melissa Anzman from Launch Yourself shares all of her launch strategies, secrets, and digital product best practices, so you can learn how to diversify and scale your own business and run launches that actually make money. Discover what launch strategies and digital products are working right now (and what isn’t working), from successful business owners who share behind-the-scenes information, results, and product sales information.

Having launched over $25 million of digital products, not to mention all of the corporate launches through her employee experience company, you’ll learn how to create online courses and other digital products that sell, what marketing tactics (funnels, outreach, social media) work, how to grow your online business, and how to troubleshoot your launch to success.


LY Podcast: Ep 1 – Book Launch Strategies with Pamela Slim

In the inaugural episode of the Launch Yourself Podcast, I interview Pamela Slim, author of Body of Work and Escape from Cubicle Nation. She walks us through her current launch strategies for a successful book launch. The success of Pam's first book has helped many unhappy corporate workers become thriving entrepreneurs.…
Melissa Anzman
December 23, 2013