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Are you trying to get to the five or six figure mark with your launch…but have been heartbroken with your results?

It’s time to accelerate your launch plan.


launch plan acceleratorThe Launch Plan Accelerator isn’t a traditional plug and play plan – in fact, I’m not even sure that a true launch plan template/program exists. It’s not a generalized solution for a personalized experience. That approach may be fine when you have a huge audience and reach, but it’s not going to deliver the results you need right now.

You’ve already spent a lot of time and money creating your product. Or maybe you’ve wasted a lot of time trying to figure out what to do next… how to get your amazing product out into the world and get people to actually buy it. And it can be heartbreaking… to create something so close to your heart and have it fall short of your expectations.

Leaving you feeling overwhelmed, freaked out or exposed. Even though you did your best, you did the things that made the most sense to you or the guru you were following, it still wasn’t quite enough.

[panel header=”What if you could know exactly what actions you needed to take? “][/panel]

You can – and I’m going to show you how to create a killer launch plan – and personalize it for your specific launch.

The Launch Plan Accelerator isn’t a course or a template – it’s a personalized launch plan builder with specific feedback and guidance for your launch. I’m going to help you create a full-scope launch plan including identifying why your previous launch under-performed; provide you with the various sections and considerations you need to think through for every launch; get a personalized launch plan specific to your audience and product that shatters your launch expectations; and teach you how to successfully launch through the full six-step launch process. 

[iconlist][iconitem icon=”icon-ok”]If you are questioning why your launch didn’t earn nearly as much money as you’d expected it would, you will know exactly where and why the launch stalled out.[/iconitem] [iconitem icon=”icon-ok”]If the disappointment and post-launch let-down has you questioning your product and strategy, you will learn exactly what tanked your launch.[/iconitem] [iconitem icon=”icon-ok”]If you want to grow and scale your business, but that dream feels far away right now, you will learn how to launch to the right people and become the recognized expert you are.[/iconitem][/iconlist]



[panel header=”That’s why I created the Launch Plan Accelerator. “][/panel]

aboutcircle-tealHi, I’m Melissa Anzman, the founder of Launch Yourself. I created the Launch Plan Accelerator to provide proven and practical ways to launch bigger, reach more people and earn more money for entrepreneurs who are ready to create massive and repeatable income that you can forecast and depend on.

I have been working on launches before that word was cool. My passion for launching started with a business book back in 2003. Since then, I have been a part of the launch team for over 10 best-selling books (and yes, you’d recognize their names… there’s a business cartoon character in there, the authority on living your best life after loss, another is now a recurring Today Show expert, and more); 40 websites; 35 products and courses; and 90+ businesses.

Usually I’m behind the scenes of a launch – a secret weapon of sorts. Until now.

I can’t tell you how many times successful business owners have come to me tired, frustrated and ready to give up after a “bad launch.” After investing a significant amount of money and time on their launch doing everything right, they are left puzzled as to why it didn’t convert.

It’s hard to plan your own launch – you can have so many blind spots. Maybe you’ve been so focused on the creation of your product, that the same amount of time and planning has been overlooked for the launch.

You need to see past the vulnerability that comes with launching and have a step-by-step guide, personalized for your product and launch scope. You don’t need to do it alone. You need an expert to help.

[panel header=”The Launch Plan Accelerator will be a personalized launch plan showing you exactly what you need to do for your specific launch – so you can shatter your launch expectations going forward.”][/panel]

The Launch Plan Accelerator is an actual planning document. You will be asked to input specific information about your product, ideas you have for your launch, any previous launch plans/activities – which will then create the information I need to create your personalized launch plan.

You will get specific feedback on all six steps of your launch, best practices to follow and suggestions of improvement, resulting in a customized launch plan.

Unlike my Launch Rehab, there is no prerequisite for this Accelerator. You can be a first time launcher, in the idea stage of your product or an experienced launcher… in other words, wherever you are in the launch process, the Accelerator will help you. Since it’s personalized for your specific needs, we start from where you are today.

The Launch Plan Accelerator is for entrepreneurs who are ready to roll their sleeves up and do the work. For people who are craving feedback, seeking answers and are ready to step up and shatter expectations with their launch. This experience isn’t for people who want to sit back and have someone else do the work for them.

We will be a team – you and me. And together, we will create your personalized launch plan. You will get the insight and knowledge I’ve learned from working on several six-figure launches (and lots of other five-figure launches) – wrapped into your own plan.

[panel header=”What You Can Expect from the Launch Plan Accelerator:”][/panel] [fancylist][fancyitem title=”Proven Launch Strategies & Tactics” icon=”icon-rocket” list_swatch=”swatch-greensea” icon_animation=”pulse”]

You will not have to second guess the steps needed to create a successful launch. Instead, you’ll have proven launch strategies and tactics built into your plan… and every plan going forward.

[/fancyitem][/fancylist] [fancylist][fancyitem title=”Experienced Launch Partner” icon=”icon-exchange” list_swatch=”swatch-white2″ icon_animation=”pulse”]

Sometimes being a business owner can feel a bit isolating. Or maybe you have heard so much advice, you aren’t quite sure who to trust. Not to worry – you will have an experienced launch partner, me, on your side to support you with your launch plan and answer any launch-related questions you have. Oh, and did I mention that everything we discuss will come from direct experience I’ve had with various launches? In other words, a trusted partner who can support you, regardless if you are doing it by yourself.

[/fancyitem][/fancylist] [fancylist][fancyitem title=”Personalized Plan Input” icon=”icon-pencil” list_swatch=”swatch-greensea” icon_animation=”pulse”]

An interactive plan input process – asking the right questions, inputting the information you have, to create a personalized experience.

You won’t have to guess what kind of information is relevant or just how prepared you need to be before you launch. Instead, you will be guided through a specific process taking away all of the doubt and removing your potential blind spots.

[/fancyitem][/fancylist] [fancylist][fancyitem title=”Detailed & Customized Launch Plan” icon=”icon-inbox” list_swatch=”swatch-white2″ icon_animation=”pulse”]

A fully detailed personalized launch plan based on the information you provided, best practices incorporated and suggestions to improve your launch plan. Instead of dreading how you will bring together all of your ideas and launch coordination, it will be all in one place, just for you. Your plan will be specific to your audience, your goals, your product, your transformation. And while it will be personalized, you will still get best practices, things to include and avoid, and more – all rolled up into your launch plan.

[/fancyitem][/fancylist] [fancylist][fancyitem title=”One on One High-Touch Support from Melissa” icon=”icon-phone” list_swatch=”swatch-greensea” icon_animation=”pulse”]

Once you’ve received your personalized plan, we’ll hop on a recorded call for one hour. During that call we’ll discuss the feedback incorporated, your launch plan and any questions you may have. This is a one-on-one opportunity for you to ask me anything! This is true partnership and when the transformation takes place. Together using your launch plan as a guide, you will walk away with knowing exactly what you need to do next – without question or worry. [/fancyitem][/fancylist]


[panel header=”I’m Interested – Now What?”][/panel]

Here’s how the Launch Plan Accelerator works:

1. You’ll complete payment through this link or the button below.

2. Once I receive confirmation, you will be directed to an online form to complete the information I need (if you prefer a google doc or word doc, you have that option too!), which will need to be sent back to me within two weeks of purchase.

3. You will receive your personalized launch plan within three business days – along with a link to schedule our follow-up call within a one-week window.

The Launch Plan Accelerator costs $497 – but for the next 48 hours it’s discounted for you, at $397.

The only other way to work with me is through individualized coaching which starts at $1000+ or through Rehab which costs over $2000. This is the most effective way to get personalized support without a huge investment.

Think about it: how many products will you have to sell to cover the cost? Not many… but how many sales will you miss out on if you don’t have an optimized launch plan?




[panel header=”What People Say About Working with Me”][/panel][row][span2][/span2][span8]

christieMelissa helped me with upgrading a sales page and creating two new opt-ins. What I love about work with her are three things:
1. She’s no nonsense and will tell you her honest opinion when she thinks that something won’t work. 2. She’s truly skilled, and made all of my pages so much better, including making one of them easy for me, a non-tech person, to update without screwing up (This is critical :)). 3. She’s strategic. She’s able to think beyond just executing on what you ask, and give you a wealth of advice and information that prevents mistakes and optimizes performance. My sales page is converting 25% better than before, so hello to concrete results! Definitely worth the investment.

Christie Mims, CEO, The Revolutionary Club

Jenny BlakeWorking with Melissa is THE best investment I have made in two years of running my own business. She is incredibly smart, strategic, skilled with technology and savvy about all aspects of launching and communicating a product. Working with her has given me an enormous sense of peace of mind; nothing falls through the cracks, it all gets done in record speed, and I know I have a brilliant thought-partner to bounce ideas off of when I get stuck.

Jenny Blake, Author, Coach & Speaker at JennyBlake.me

barbara-stannyMelissa’s a lot of fun to work with, and she gets the job done…in very creative and innovative ways. I love her sense of humor, her integrity, and her determination to do the best job possible. Melissa is very count-on-able…and a joy to be around. Thanks Melissa for all your support through the years.

Barbara Stanny, Highly Successful Money Coach & Trainer , Bestselling Financial Author

emily sandfordAs I work to grow my business, Melissa has been instrumental in helping me with prioritizing and breaking down projects in a way that makes sense. What sets Melissa apart, however, is that she has experience in successful launches of ebooks, affiliate programs, websites and more. When I or any of my clients encounters a problem or needs guidance on how to go from concept to launch, Melissa is the first and only person I need to call. She is extremely quick to respond and completes tasks in a timely and thorough manner. I look forward to working with her on several launch projects in the future and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.

Emily Ho, Media Marketer & Writer, AuthenticallyEmmie.com

[/span8][span2][/span2][/row] [panel header=”Launch Plan Accelerator Recap”][/panel]

You are going to walk away with:
[iconlist][iconitem icon=”icon-ok”]Personalized launch plan[/iconitem] [iconitem icon=”icon-ok”]Framework and structure on where your current plan is – and what to consider[/iconitem] [iconitem icon=”icon-ok”]Specific feedback and best practices incorporated into your plan[/iconitem] [iconitem icon=”icon-ok”]One on one call with me – to answer your questions[/iconitem] [iconitem icon=”icon-ok”]Step-by-step plan to move you forward – no more overwhelm or analysis paralysis[/iconitem] [iconitem icon=”icon-ok”]The confidence to shatter your launch expectations going forward[/iconitem][/iconlist]



[panel header=”Frequently Asked Questions”][/panel] [accordions accordion_swatch=”swatch-white2″] [accordion title=”I haven’t launched a product yet, is this for me? ” state=”closed”]

Absolutely! Regardless of where you are in the launch experience scale, the Accelerator will help move you forward and get you on track.


[accordion title=”What if my last launch didn’t sell anything? Is this right for me? ” state=”closed”] Yes – the Accelerator will help you learn exactly why your product didn’t sell anything and how to plan more effectively for your next launch.
[/accordion] [accordion title=”How long does the process take to get my personalized plan? ” state=”closed”] As soon as you purchase the accelerator, you have two weeks (14 days), to submit the information I need. You’ll have various ways for submission – online form, google doc share or word doc via email. When I receive the information, you will get your personalized plan within three business days and then we’ll have our 1:1 call (within one week).
[/accordion] [accordion title=”Why would I invest in the Accelerator?” state=”closed”]

Investing in a program of any kind takes commitment and thought. This Accelerator is different than all of the other launch-related programs you’ve invested in because you get specific and personalized feedback and guidance.

This is an investment in your business – but think of what you will lose out on if you don’t invest in this? How many launches will you continue to go through without fixing what’s actually broken? How much money are you leaving on the table?
[/accordion] [/accordions]