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Month three has been one of the most exciting months on this journey. Lots of great new things have happened and things finally feel as though they are starting to fall into place, solidly. I have accomplished some big dreams, and started working on even bigger ones! I also hit a pretty big dip about halfway through the month, but I am happy to say I have come out it stronger than ever. Um, my schedule is still wonky, and I definitely need to work on that this next month to get it down to a science. But overall, it was a great month!


  • Things don’t always go as planned… and even if you think you’ve done absolutely everything right, sometimes there are still bumps in the road.
  • Just because you put something you think is awesome out into the world, it’s not going to be snatched up by everyone right away. You have to market the hell out of it and still hang on for the long haul.
  • Dips come, but they also fuel some of the biggest and brightest ideas.
  • Shifting your perspective, can literally shift everything else into place – and when that fails, breathe deeply.


(This part is so scary!)

  • My book sold… but not as many copies as I had hoped it would in my heart. I was “realistic” in my thinking and external expectations, but I have to admit I was slightly disappointed that I was not “an overnight sales sensation.” LOL – typing that makes me laugh, that is so unlike me (usually).
  • In between my friends and family book launch and the official launch, I hit a pretty low dip. Definitely the lowest one so far on this journey. And I started getting a little panicked about everything I was doing: money worries, am I crazy? set-in, and I had a coaching call that didn’t go as well as it could have. It took me a few days and some commiserating with others, to finally jump start my excitement for what’s ahead (and OMG, just wait until you hear some of the amazing things in the pipeline later this month).
  • I had a little glitch with my affiliate page, but thankfully one of the first affiliates let me know and I was able to fix it instantly. Thank goodness!


  • My book is out there! It’s alive, in the world, real – and the feedback has been absolutely astounding! I am very proud of my first foray into the ebook world and can’t wait for what’s next. Did you get your copy yet? You really, really should (still on the fence – check out this review on New Momma Beckers).
  • My site traffic has increased and my newsletter list has welcomed some new people (THANK YOU!)! Yay – so excited about this, and shows that slow and steady works.
  • I received one of the most heartwarming emails from a reader of this blog, which reaffirmed the journey I’m on. Here’s a snippet:
    • “I cannot thank you enough for the epic amazingness of your blog!!! Sharing your advice, talents, and literally *gold* with the world is SO PHENOMENAL! I’ve been updating my cover letter, resume, references, and will be in the interview process here in a hot second – and your blog has been phenomenally helpful! I’ve been browsing all of your advice, and I love the cover letter and LinkedIn posts! The work you do is truly inspiring and helpful.”


In honor of full transparency, I thought I’d share some stats with you – the good, the bad, and the not quite where I want them to be stats.

MONTH 3 (July 2012) MONTH 2 (June 2012) MONTH 1 (May 2012)
Facebook Page Likes 22% increase 1% increase 43% increase
Twitter Followers 6% increase 22% increase 16% increase
RSS Subscribers 11% increase 152% increase 33% increase
Newsletter Subscribers 20% increase 43% increase 43% increase
Business vs. Savings Income Ratio 22% income / 78% savings (decrease) 31% income / 69% savings 19% income / 81% savings


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