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I typically try and do a year-end recap or look back. But I’ve been struggling with putting my reflections out there this year. On paper, it doesn’t look like I did anything awesome. On paper, I didn’t meet most of my goals. On paper, the year was… ok.

Lucky for me, what the world looks like on paper, doesn’t tell the whole story.

I didn’t launch any new products or write any new books.

I didn’t earn a huge amount of passive income meeting a stretch goal I set in January.

I didn’t get to travel extensively, or even a little really.

I didn’t make much progress in the exercise arena either.

But that’s on paper.

While I didn’t write any new books or create any new courses, I was a part of several successful book and course launches. I helped people that inspire and amaze me, reach new audiences, present their ideas in a new way, and earn more income.

While my passive income wasn’t as extensive as all of the “promises” others seem to make online, I did earn passive income from my books and one affiliate link. It’s not much, but it covered a few bills – so that’s something.

While I didn’t get to travel the world, or hey – even the U.S., I did get to live in the most amazing place. I finally found my soul city – the place where I actually want to settle down in… well, perhaps just spend more time in.

While I didn’t exercise much, I still kept at it. Who am I kidding – this one is true. 🙂

On paper, 2013 doesn’t read as special or significant. The story of the year can’t be told without some additional notes in the margin.

I did a live video interview – something that terrifies me, but not nearly as much as it used to.

I launched a podcast, and my first guest was one of my idols – that’s pretty full-circle, right?

I earned an income. Not millions, not by a long-shot. But my business was in the green – as we approach 1.5 years since starting.

I wrote a lot – not every day. But I wrote. I have two consistent contributor outlets, helping me hone my craft and reach new peeps.

I delivered a huge keynote to an audience way outside my “typical” attendees – it was awesome, fun and exhilarating.

My feelings were hurt after said keynote, when one person commented on how annoying my voice is. Something that I have always been self-conscious about, making the launch of a podcast so significant. And yes, I’m still sad about the comment – a month later.

I moved from mentee to mentor for some of the same people who helped me get my start.

My business grew – not just in income, but also in services. In ways I never could have imagined when I started my business.

I officially became a business and have a few trademarks under my belt too. (I’m still not sure if that is awesome or an annoyance).

I learned difficult lessons – how to fire a client, how to ask for what you need from a coach, how not to scale, what being a business owner is, how to stay on a work-day schedule, direct/overt is better than clever, and how to keep pushing past scary.

I learned awesome lessons too – asking doesn’t end the world and doesn’t have to be sleazy, people want to help you, I’d rather be a profitable business than internet famous, I’m good at what I do – even if writing that makes me reallllllly uncomfortable, you can’t plan everything – but you should plan, and that I’m on the right track.

2012 I chose the word Persistence to represent the year. I am not sure what word I would use to represent 2013.

“Better than on paper” feels like I’m cheating – it’s not one word and doesn’t say much about the year. Perhaps Growth or Rollercoaster would work better? The year was certainly both of those things.

But I think I’m going to stick with “Better than on Paper.”

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