LY Podcast: Ep 2 – Knowing When to Make the Leap with Emily Sandford – Launch Yourself

Emily Sandford from Authentically Emmie and Authentically Social is featured in this episode. She is a well-known blogger in the fitness and wellness category and also has a thriving social media business. We chat about her own big launch – moving from a stable corporate job into launching her own social media firm.

Emily has been by my side as I launched my own business – through all of the ups and downs, helping to keep me on track and striving for more. She has helped thousands (or more!) of women feel comfortable in their own skin, and extremely open about sharing her struggles with her weight and confidence. (Spoiler alert – she continues to smash through them!).

In this episode, Emily shares how she knew it was time to walk away from her stable job, how she prepared for the leap, and how things have been since.



  • The mindset of an “IBMer” to a solopreneur
  • The moment of clarity, when she knew that it was time to leave the corporate world
  • Letting go of the “shoulds”
  • Her pre-planning into action for her launch – what worked and what didn’t
  • Continued struggles and wins


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emily sandfordEmily Sandford is the blogger behind Authentically Emmie and has been featured in Ladies’ Home Journal, Shape Magazine, the New York Post, Prevention Magazine, the AP, and more. She is also the owner of Authentically Social, a social media marketing consultancy for health/wellness, fashion/beauty, and lifestyle companies. Founded in 2012 after eight years of traditional brand management experience, her results-oriented social media, blogger outreach, and community management plans have earned Emily clients across the United States.

Emily was recently named Amazing Woman of the Year by Stiletto Women – a Forbes-ranked leadership-centric lifestyle company for modern working businesswomen. She serves on the Board of Directors for both the Junior League of Lexington and AAF Lexington. She received her undergraduate degree and MBA from the University of Kentucky.

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  • dailymischief says:

    What a great podcast! I can’t wait to share with a bunch of my former “corporate co-workers” who are looking to identify the new way of work. Like Emily – i was at a place in my corporate career where it was just not working with the passions of my life. While I didn’t make the leap to own my own business – I did take the leap to become an independent consultant. It has been such an amazing experience to choose the project that work with my passions and strengths. Thank you for sharing your story!

    • Thank you @dailymischief:disqus – I’m glad you enjoyed it. And don’t downplay your experience – part of what’s so great about our careers, is being able to do it the way that works for us. Being an independent consultant is a great “middle ground” and works for so many people.

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