LY Podcast: Ep 6 – Start Building Depth and Meaning with Monica McCarthy – Launch Yourself

Monica McCarthy from and is featured in this episode. Monica shares her experience of breaking up her main brand into smaller components to serve different purposes and audiences.

Monica talks about her current success factor – shifting to create more depth and meaning in her work, fears that she struggles with on this new adventure, and how to launch a movement – not just another product.



  • For your business, do you keep everything under one roof or many homes? Why and how to choose the best approach for you; showcase or sell?
  • Do what you’re “supposed” to do… even if the product/service isn’t a good fit for you
  • What are you trying to do with your business
  • Letting down your anchor – going for depth and meaning versus masses
  • How does the fear show up and/or creep in?
  • Being able to take care of self


Want to get in touch with Monica?


monica mccarthy


Monica McCarthy helps prolific organizations and artists share their messages with multimedia storytelling. Her boutique video production company, Show & Tell Stories, creates dynamic cinematic experiences as well as offering strategy and development consultations. Monica shares her own stories of misadventures and musings on philosophy, acting, and travel over at and loves to say hello on twitter @MissMMcCarthy.



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  • I’m really enjoying this interview. I’m in the process of creating a similar split on my websites. I’m redoing my personal site ( as a bilingual site describing the work I do in Chile (workshops, presentations, translations) with my personal blog there too. I’m also building a second site about international careers ( as a personal, illustrated guide from people that are looking to live and work outside their home countries, on their own terms. My own self-doubt and questions about what to do with my life in general have continually clouded this creative process as well. Friends and creative collaborators have helped me a lot. Thank you for sharing your story, Monica!

    And Melissa, I’d love to be interviewed for this podcast! My new site is launching soon (the first one I’ve mentioned here…) and I’d be more than happy to talk about the process.

  • Drew Meyers says:

    I believe I was one of those people who told you to maintain one site rather than multiple.. 🙂

    The pros of one site:
    less maintenance
    focus your seo juice on one URL, rather than across multiple domains
    fewer domains/projects/brand to market/promote

    That said, I’m in the camp of multiple sites too. I started with a personal blog in 2006, and have slowly built other properties since. I agree. It all starts with the goal. Selling products, which I think is what we talked about as a goal in Chiang Mai, is a goal that is more conducive to putting everything at one location & drive all your traffic there. If the goal is to launch multiple projects, then yup..a personal blog makes a ton of sense. It seems the shift happened when you realized that show & tell may not be the thing you want to focus on longterm. Which I can understand, since I’m constantly working on and launching new ideas/projects.

    Awesome interview. and awesome chatting in person in NYC a week ago!

    • Hi @drewmeyers:disqus – I love your breakdown above. It’s so hard to decide if one or many is better, and you have summed it up pretty great. I’m glad you enjoyed the interview – Monica is awesome!

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