LY Podcast Episode 7: Tal Gur – Launch Yourself

Tal Gur from, Passively Free, and several other sites is featured in this episode. Tal shares his experiences with launching – including his biggest launch from being $34,000 in debt to being financially free through passive income.

Tal talks about what made him successful along his journey, exactly how he went from debt to financially free, and what steps he took to create his diversified passive income, so he can focus on things that create more freedom.




  • Financial freedom through online passive income
  • One advertiser created the road to financial freedom
  • Commitment and time needed before it becomes “passive”
  • Deadline to success
  • Why the right timeline matters
  • Accountability from those around you
  • Fitness and business
  • Expenses are less than passive income = financially free


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Tal Gur is an online entrepreneur, world traveler and a coach. He is originally from a Israel, though he feels at home in many places.

In 1996, at age 21, He took a long motorcycle trip in Australia and immediately fell in love. Years later he went back to complete his Master’s degree and adopted Australia as a second home.

Since his move to Australia, being inspired from the sheer enjoyment that came from pursuing his Australian dream, he found himself constantly seeking new challenges, overextending himself in all aspects of life, ultimately resulting in very fulfilling journeys.

Here are Five of them:

  1. He created financial freedom after being in $34,000 of debt
  2. He completed an Ironman Triathlon in New Zealand after quitting smoking.
  3. In 2009 he quit his 9-to-5 desk job and went on a non-stop 4 year round-the-world
  4. He surfed around the world in places such as Brazil, Costa Rica, Peru, and Sri Lanka
  5. He coordinated building a new home for a local family who lost their house in a mudslide in Peru

Tal is now adopting the U.S. as his new and third home.



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