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Usually I build my own websites locked in a corner of my apartment, in complete solitude and isolation. Not so fun. This time, I wanted to have the most awesome people around me to help me bring my biggest vision yet, to life. Without them, none of this would be possible. Seriously, life savers.

  • Design & Development: Me…
  • Podcast intro and outro (the “professional parts): Courtesy of Ian Sturgeon at IntroMachine. I still am not sure what he looks like, but his voice is radio/audio gold.

My Business Cheerleaders:

  • Jenny Blake – who helped me make the leap to be my own boss, and hasn’t stopped being an amazing advisor and friend along the way.
  • Pam Slim – who is not only someone I totally fangirl over, but also has kept me on track with this transition and helped me see myself and my business in a new light.