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Based on my experience in Human Resources where I led hundreds of training sessions to audiences across the U.S., I deliver high-energy and impactful speeches, with a good dose of humor thrown in.  Below are a few topics I can speak about at your upcoming event or workshop. For more information or to get a session set-up,  please contact me.


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Succeeding at Work – What it Really Takes to Climb the Ladder Today & HR Secrets Revealed

Today’s work environment is so different than it was just 10 years ago – it takes a lot more than loyalty to be successful at work. I discuss how to climb the ladder effectively and efficiently at large companies, to be sure that your efforts are rewarded handsomely: how to navigate difficult bosses, choosing the best career path for you, leadership opportunities, and whose radar to be on. For more information or to book this topic, please contact me.


Find Your Umbrella – How to Find Your Passion and Apply it to Your Life

After spending many years trying to “find my passion,” I realized that what I really needed was to find my umbrella (the unique thread that captures everything that I enjoy doing) and figure out how to apply it to my career. I discuss the steps to figure it out for yourself as well as what to expect along the way. For more information or to book this topic,  please contact me.


How to Lead New Generations Successfully

Being part of the “new generation” myself, I have often wondered why the same people who I’d be influencing in a meeting had such a difficult time leading and understanding “other” people in my generation. I debunk the mystery behind leading “millenials” to help you lead successfully for many generations to come. For more information or to book this topic,  please contact me.


Communicate Effectively in the Digital Age

I share my secret employee communications tricks to help you better communicate with your employees – on a small or large scale. Learn how your various audiences/employees best receive information and how to adjust (and manage) all of the new channels the digital age has to offer. For more information or to book this topic,  please contact me.