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Month two has been great – I am so excited about what I’ve been able to accomplish this past month. And just a little side note: month two has been a lot more motivating than month one, just in case you were wondering.  I am finding my groove, figuring out my schedule, and enjoying every moment of being out on my own.


  • I can live within a budget – yay! I was a bit concerned about this, but I had no issues this month (and even fit a little trip in there!).
  • People are surprisingly supportive of what I’m doing and some of my clients have come from the most unexpected referrals (thank you KR).
  • My website will still function even when I’m not logging in every five minutes.


Luckily this month, there are not any stumbles that are sticking out at the moment, at least not glaring ones like last month. The one thing I can think of, is silly website issues – comment section disappearing, a widget not working in one browser, and so on. All fixed within minutes after I realized they were malfunctioning.


  • I finished writing my first ebook!!! I’m finishing edits and formatting now, but it will be available for purchase in July. HUGE win for me – from a business perspective, I’m excited to be getting it out there, but from a personal perspective… this is a dream come true. By the way, the title is “Stop Hating Your Job: How to Be Happy at Work without Quitting.” Who’s excited???
  • Honoring my superheroes was one of my favorite posts to date. I was able to let the people who have greatly influenced me and my success, just how much they’ve meant to me along this journey. And I hope I’ve convinced you all to start being inspired by them as well.
  • One of my posts, Have You Thanked Your Problems Yet, struck a chord with some people (and I’m so honored that it did). One of my online friends, Melanie Axman, quoted me from that post and it was subsequently posted on BusinessInsider.com.


In honor of full transparency, I thought I’d share some stats with you – the good, the bad, and the not quite where I want them to be stats.

MONTH 2 (June 2012) MONTH 1 (May 2012)
Facebook Page Likes 1% increase 43% increase
Twitter Followers 22% increase 16% increase
RSS Subscribers 152% increase 33% increase
Newsletter Subscribers 43% increase 43% increase
Business vs. Savings Income Ratio 31% income / 69% savings 19% income / 81% savings



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