How I went from being an executive HR leader to helping entrepreneurs diversify and scale their business using digital products.

Before there was a consulting business that serves Fortune 500 clients. Before three best-selling books, keynote addresses, and over $25 million in launches… I was a an executive leader in HR at several large companies across the U.S.

I was tired of being a “corporate drone.”

Working so much with very little personal enrichment and lots of feedback about how I didn’t fit into the corporate mold.

I was tired. And overworked.

And ready to go down a different path and make the leap to entrepreneurship. I mean, how hard could it be?

Turns out, it was so much harder than I thought it would be.

I did all the “right things.” I hired a coach. I bought a course to teach me how to set-up my business. I followed the plan, step-by-step… and it did help me get my first few clients in the door, and then… crickets.

And I had a business that I loathed because it was someone else’s process and systems.

*I* was missing in my business. My zones of genius and my unique differentiating factors were absent. And so was the money.

I tried the plug-and-play method of entrepreneurship and ended up almost broke and having to start over (again).

My bigest lessons were:

  • Relying on only one source of income for my business (1 on 1 coaching clients at the time), was a huge mistake.
  • The “gurus” left out a lot of details when they taught their methods.
  • Recreating someone else’s business under my name, led to burnout quickly.
  • My audience needed what only *I* could deliver.
  • Implement quickly, and iterate… but do it without quality being sacrificed.

From the brink of failure, to a 7-figure consulting agency, I learned a few things along the way… and made sure to never my previous mistakes.

I started helping other entrepreneurs diversify and scale their own businesses, as I was building my own from 5-figures, to the elusive 6-figures, and to where it is today – 7-figures. I knew that if I could do it, others can too and I wanted to help.

Throughout the past 10 years, my team and I have worked on launches totaling over $25 million dollars (and have consulted on millions more). I know what works right now, what is worth trying and skipping, and how to make sure you show-up in your business.

My approach is simple: take your genius and multiply it with digital products and solutions. Then market and sell it using tactics that work for you and your audience.

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