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Did your last launch fall short of your expectations… even though you did everything “right?”
It’s time to rehab your launch.


LRM3The Launch Rehab Mastermind isn’t your typical business mastermind group (who wants another one of those?). It’s not a new product or another high-level step-by-step program that promises success if you just use a formula and plug and play. Those are fine, but that’s not what you need right now.

Because let’s face it – you’ve already invested a lot of money in one of those low-touch programs for your last launch. You’ve invested hours watching video after video, taking copious notes, and painstakingly put into practice everything you learned. And some things worked well while other things worked… sometimes, if at all.

Leaving you with a launch that underperformed. Even though you did everything right, the results weren’t what you expected them to be or even what you’d secretly hoped for.

[panel header=”What if you could know exactly where your launch broke-down? “][/panel]

You can – and I’m going to show you how to fix it before your next launch.
In the Launch Rehab Mastermind, I’m going to help you understand why your launch under-performed; provide you with a small group of ambitious launchers to share best practices and true industry launch expectations – ahem, what true conversion rates to expect; create a personalized launch plan specific to your audience and product that shatters your launch forecast; and prove to you that you are ready to be the leading expert in your field.

[iconlist][iconitem icon=”icon-ok”]If you are questioning why your launch didn’t earn nearly as much money as you’d expected it would, you will know exactly where and why the launch stalled out.[/iconitem] [iconitem icon=”icon-ok”]If the disappointment and post-launch let-down has you questioning your product and strategy, you will learn exactly what tanked your launch (hint: it’s usually not the product).[/iconitem] [iconitem icon=”icon-ok”]If you want to grow and scale your business, but that dream feels far away right now, you will learn how to launch to the right people and become the recognized expert you are.[/iconitem][/iconlist]



[panel header=”That’s why I created the Launch Rehab Mastermind. “][/panel]

aboutcircle-tealHi, I’m Melissa Anzman, the founder of Launch Yourself. I created the Launch Rehab Mastermind to provide personalized launch solutions for ambitious entrepreneurs who are ready to create massive and repeatable income that you can forecast and depend on.

I have been working on launches before that word was cool. My passion for launching started with a business book back in 2003. Since then, I have been a part of the launch team for over 10 best-selling books (and yes, you’d recognize their names… there’s a business cartoon character in there, the authority on living your best life after loss, another is now a recurring Today Show expert, and more); 30 websites; 25 products and courses; and 70+ businesses.

Usually I’m behind the scenes of a launch – a secret weapon of sorts. Until now.

I can’t tell you how many times successful business owners have come to me tired, frustrated and ready to give up after a “bad launch.” After investing a significant amount of money and time on their launch doing everything right, they are left puzzled as to why it didn’t convert.

It’s hard to analyze your own launch – you need input and feedback from trusted colleagues. You need to see there are other underperforming launches out there – you’re not alone, and your launch was definitely not a failure. You need an expert to help.


[panel header=”The Launch Rehab Mastermind will show you exactly what went wrong and how to fix it for your next launch – so you can shatter your launch expectations going forward.”][/panel]

The Launch Rehab Mastermind is an 8-week live mastermind for a small group of business owners complete with one-on-one calls, group live calls and recordings, an interactive forum, personalized launch debrief, and a fully customized launch plan.

You can take the information you learn, the concepts shared, the launch pain points from the past, and directly apply them to your next launch – shattering your past results.

The only prerequisite is that you are not a beginner or an early-stage entrepreneur. This mastermind is for seasoned launchers – business owners who have already launched a product and service, ideally several times. It’s for businesses that are already generating income and are poised to become the leader in their space and ready to finally conquer the launch hump.

LRM is for ambitious go-getters. For people who are craving feedback, seeking answers and are ready to step up to the plate and deliver. This isn’t for people who want to sit back and eventually get around to action… there is a time and place for that approach, but it’s not here.

We will be a team – you, me, and your fellow launchers. We are going to count on you, ask you to share your experiences, give feedback, challenge you, and hold you accountable. And you’re going to the same for us.


[panel header=”What you Can Expect During the Two-month Mastermind:”][/panel][fancylist][fancyitem title=”Weekly Group Calls” icon=”icon-phone” list_swatch=”swatch-greensea” icon_animation=”pulse”]

Calls will be one hour and will be recorded (although live attendance is encouraged). Once applicants have been approved and enrolled, we will choose a time that works best for all.

[/fancyitem][/fancylist] [fancylist][fancyitem title=”Private Group Forum” icon=”icon-group” list_swatch=”swatch-white2″ icon_animation=”pulse”]

All participants will have access to a group forum for questions, interaction, accountability, and relationship building with each other and me.

[/fancyitem][/fancylist] [fancylist][fancyitem title=”One on One High-Touch Support from Melissa” icon=”icon-hand-right” list_swatch=”swatch-greensea” icon_animation=”pulse”]

This is a high-touch program – meaning you are getting personalized solutions and support from me. Full-blown hands-on guidance and planning. Here’s exactly how:

1. Initial Application Interview: During this one hour call, we will review what you want to get out of this group and exactly what support you need from me.

2. Launch Debrief: Together we will breakdown and review your previous two launches – what worked and what didn’t. Following our call, I will create an extensive debrief document outlining specific points of friction and missed opportunities.

3. New Launch Plan: I will create your next launch plan – with everything tried and testing, incorporating the learnings from the launch debrief. And you’ll send the mastermind mapping out your next launch – focusing on your specific pain points.

4. Monthly 1 on 1 Call: Each month we will have a one hour call. During that call we will work – getting your next launch ready, removing all of the friction points, and keeping you moving forward.


This isn’t a course, so I’m not going to outline the agenda for each call – this is a mastermind, after all. But here are a few things that we’ll cover:

  • Launch statistics, expectations and true launch data
  • Live teardown of several “big name” launches – what worked, what didn’t
  • Teardown of your launch
  • Determining the right launch plan for your audience and product
  • Behind the scenes sharing of the launches I’ve worked on – learning from other industry experts
[panel header=”I’m Interested – Now What?”][/panel]

This mastermind is by application only with only a limited number of spots. It’s critical that our group has the right balance of people, personalities and launches. Please complete the application here, or click the orange button at the bottom of the page.

The Launch Rehab Mastermind is $2,000. There are two payment options – paid in one lump sum ($2,000) or paid in two installments ($1,100 each).



[panel header=”What People Say About Working with Me”][/panel] [row][span2][/span2][span8]

barbara-stannyMelissa’s a lot of fun to work with, and she gets the job done…in very creative and innovative ways. I love her sense of humor, her integrity, and her determination to do the best job possible. Melissa is very count-on-able…and a joy to be around. Thanks Melissa for all your support through the years.

Barbara Stanny, Highly Successful Money Coach & Trainer , Bestselling Financial Author

[/span8][span2][/span2][/row] [row][span2][/span2][span8]

Jenny BlakeWorking with Melissa is THE best investment I have made in two years of running my own business. She is incredibly smart, strategic, skilled with technology and savvy about all aspects of launching and communicating a product. Working with her has given me an enormous sense of peace of mind; nothing falls through the cracks, it all gets done in record speed, and I know I have a brilliant thought-partner to bounce ideas off of when I get stuck.

Jenny Blake, Author, Coach & Speaker at JennyBlake.me

[/span8][span2][/span2][/row] [row][span2][/span2][span8]

emily sandfordAs I work to grow my business, Melissa has been instrumental in helping me with prioritizing and breaking down projects in a way that makes sense. What sets Melissa apart, however, is that she has experience in successful launches of ebooks, affiliate programs, websites and more. When I or any of my clients encounters a problem or needs guidance on how to go from concept to launch, Melissa is the first and only person I need to call. She is extremely quick to respond and completes tasks in a timely and thorough manner. I look forward to working with her on several launch projects in the future and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.

Emily Sandford, Media Marketer & Writer, AuthenticallyEmmie.com

[/span8][span2][/span2][/row] [panel header=”Launch Rehab Mastermind Recap”][/panel]

Just in case you missed a thing or two, here’s what you are going to get with this course:

  • Eight live weekly group mastermind calls
  • 24-hour access to private Facebook group forum
  • One-on-one “high-touch” time with Melissa including:
  • One hour application interview
  • One hour launch breakdown call
  • Two, one hour working/coachsulting calls

You are going to walk away with:
[iconlist][iconitem icon=”icon-ok”]Personalized post-launch teardown – showing you exactly what went wrong[/iconitem] [iconitem icon=”icon-ok”]New launch plan for your next launch[/iconitem] [iconitem icon=”icon-ok”]Specific goals and measures of success for your future launches[/iconitem] [iconitem icon=”icon-ok”]Group of ambitious entrepreneurs to support you[/iconitem] [iconitem icon=”icon-ok”]The confidence to shatter your launch expectations going forward[/iconitem][/iconlist]

And of course, we’ll cover:

  • Launch statistics, expectations and true launch data
  • Live teardown of several “big name” launches – what worked, what didn’t
  • Determining the right launch plan for your audience and product
  • Behind the scenes sharing of the launches I’ve worked on – learning from other industry experts



[panel header=”Frequently Asked Questions”][/panel] [accordions accordion_swatch=”swatch-white2″] [accordion title=”I haven’t launched a product yet, is this for me? ” state=”closed”]

Unfortunately, no – this mastermind is only for seasoned launchers – business owners who have previously created and launched a product, course, or service.

While I love helping beginners, this mastermind isn’t the best solution for you. Instead, this mastermind will be focused on specific launch successes/obstacles – so we can improve for the next launch. After you’ve launched a few times, come back and check the LRM out!
[/accordion] [accordion title=”What if my last launch didn’t sell anything? Is this right for me? ” state=”closed”] Yes – this mastermind will help you learn exactly why your product didn’t sell anything. But here’s the caveat – you have to have tried to do a launch/rollout.
[/accordion] [accordion title=”What if I’m not able to attend the weekly calls live? ” state=”closed”] Unlike other programs or courses, attendance on the weekly calls is a requirement. Missing a call in an emergency is one thing, but this mastermind takes a significant commitment to show up and be of assistance to your fellow masterminders – and be an active learner and participant.
[/accordion] [accordion title=”After I submit my application… what happens?” state=”closed”] As soon as I receive your application, if you are what we are looking for, I’ll reach out to you to set-up a one hour call to learn more about you, your launches, and what you’re hoping to get out of the mastermind. From there, if it’s a match, I will send you a link to payment via Paypal (you can choose one lump sum or two payments).
[/accordion] [accordion title=”How much time am I going to spend with this mastermind?” state=”closed”] Honestly, that’s up to you. At a minimum you will have an hour long calls, weekly. But the actual work time – if you want to launch bigger and better next time, then you will be working on the things we discuss. It’s all up to you – what you put in, is what you will get out.
[/accordion] [accordion title=”Why would I invest in another thing about launching?” state=”closed”]

Investing in a program of any kind takes commitment and thought. This mastermind is different than all of the other launch-related programs you’ve invested in because you get specific and personalized help and guidance. When you get stuck, you have a partner to turn to who’s on your side. I’m not going to leave you high and dry when you “plug and play” with less than expected results.

This is an investment in your business – but think of what you will lose out on if you don’t invest in this? How many launches will you continue to go through without fixing what’s actually broken? How much money are you leaving on the table?
[/accordion] [/accordions]

Ah, man – the current Launch Rehab Mastermind program has closed – but if you are interested, complete and application and I’ll be in touch when the next one is forming!