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Note: I will be doing my first Twittersation (ahem, chat on twitter) on May 1st at 3pm ET.

Be sure to join me as I have joined forces with ELGL to help you #AdvanceYourself. I think I am supposed to tell you all about how it will work, what to do, but I’m not quite sure myself; it will at least be a lot of fun. But seriously, it’s an ask anything hour all about how to move forward, get ahead and launch yourself to the next level. So tweet me with the hashtag #AdvanceYourself and I’ll answer your questions. 


Lessons from Smart(er) People

I used to think that all of my great ideas and successes used to come from me, alone. Obviously I’ve grown up since then and my ego got into check. Now, learning from others is a large part of what drives me – what can I learn today?

A lot of my business ideas and decisions have been shaped as collaborations from others. Starting with an idea, a question, a niggling thought… then seeking out information and research to see if it’s a possibility and how others have approached it in the past.

And so, I thought that every now and then, I’d share some of the best lessons I’ve learned from people who are smarter than me. Passing on to you, the big and small lessons and guidance that I have learned along the way.

Epiphany 1:

Recently, I was lucky enough to interview Kent Wyatt for the Launch Yourself podcast. We have completely different jobs in worlds seemingly on the opposite end of the spectrum. But he still taught me so much through a brief conversation and email.

One of the things that I have always avoided for the most part is the social media aspect of my business. I actually enjoy Twitter and Instagram, but I am a bit leery of posting too much and what to actually say. I am firmly in the camp of, “why does anyone even care about that?”

Kent and I broached this topic and I mentioned how great he is on social media – his tweets are informative, funny, and engaging. How do you pull this off? To me, this is a huge planned out “event,” not an easy activity.

Until we chatted. He not only mollified my fears around over-posting but also helped me. As in, went way outside of what is even decent and moved into sainthood to share some social media ideas, posts, plans, and so on for me.

I may have teared up a bit when I got his email. He genuinely wanted to (and did!) help me. It was the first time in a long time that I felt I received genuine from-the-heart sharing. He wowed me.

The lesson in this isn’t his social media plan, which was awesome, but about his generosity. There are so many awesome people out there who want to help you – don’t get discouraged when you feel you are always giving without anything in return, because it will eventually even up. So thank you Kent!

Epiphany #2:

This is a tried and true lesson that I keep relearning, which means that the first few times haven’t been absorbed yet. I am not my market, my buyer, my ideal client, or anything else along those lines. Strangely, I have to repeat this to clients both in career and business coaching all of the time – because it’s clear to me when it’s someone else. But for me and my career, I have amnesia around this.

This reminded lesson came from a few different people who aren’t big-name online gurus. Instead, it was people around me – family and friends – who kept pushing me further and enlightening me here.

For example, what I think is easy, is exactly what other people are paying me for – that’s the entire point! So I needed to stop glossing over some of the bigger details that created gaps and friction for others. Perhaps the way I want to be communicated to isn’t the way that someone else does – so I need to be aware of that when I’m writing copy or a regular old email.

For you – learn this. What you like, care about, think is visually appealing or word satisfying doesn’t necessarily hit the same note for those you are communicating with. In work, life, or your business – take a moment to step outside of YOU to see “them.”

Epiphany #3:

There is a whole world out there beyond your first level of awareness. Especially online. We all know that the online community is beyond big with so many different facets and niches and opportunities. But my eyes were opened recently with the introduction to a very new-to-me world, by Kevin Kermes.

Kevin mentioned someone he followed online and learned from during our podcast, and I asked him more about it after the interview. Then dipped my toe into that world for a few weeks. It was crazy enlightening.

There IS a different way! More information! New ideas and people who are “successful” through different means. I know, I know – very elementary here, but it was mind-blowing. I was introduced to an online community that didn’t even know the names of some of the people I think are “huge,” and they were successful in their own right.

It was a breath of fresh air beyond what I can put into words. The pressure of the shoulds or the comparison bug evaporated completely. Because I saw that you don’t actually have to do this or that to get results. I’m still taking this nugget in, to be honest, but I’m so excited to have experienced this first hand and continue to break through my insular online “world.”

If you have a great lesson that you learned recently, I’d love to hear about it. Come start a discussion on Facebook or on Twitter with the hashtag #launchyourself.

Oh, and be sure to mark your calendars: May 1st at 3 pm ET I will be doing a Twitter chat – #AdvanceYourself. See you there.