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Diana Mantey of Next-Generation Advertising shares how to launch with a proof-of-concept idea, especially when your “product” is a high-ticket one-on-one service. She shares how she grew a community of high-engagers and referrers and made launching fit her business model (not the other way around)!

As we dive deeper behind the scenes, Diana shares how she pivoted mid-launch when she realized that she wasn’t being true to the way she wanted to serve clients in her business. So instead of giving up or thinking that launching wasn’t a good fit, she changed her offer and how she leveraged her Facebook community. Now, her launches convert into one-on-one clients, and her community members are a main source of referrers for new client work—as she continuously nurtures her community.

Oh, and don’t worry… I didn’t let a Facebook ads expert off the hook without dropping some key nuggets of advice about what to do if your ads aren’t converting the way you hoped. This is for all of you FB ad DYI-ers!

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Diana Mantey is the owner of Next Generation Advertising, where she helps online coaches grow their audience, fill their Facebook groups & launches, and sell their offers through customized advertising strategies and full-service Facebook ad account management.

Melissa Anzman (00:00): This is the launch yourself podcast, episode 35 with Diana Mantey. For more information, including show notes and resources, you can go to launchyourself.co/ 35.

Melissa Anzman (00:10): 35. Welcome to the launch yourself podcast. My name is Melissa Anzman. I'm a bestselling author and the CEO of two businesses, an employee experience company, and launch yourself where I help entrepreneurs diversify and scale their business by launching digital products each week, you'll hear mind blowing interviews, where we peek behind the curtain of other people's launches, as well as actual tips and strategies that you can implement in your daily work life to create launches that actually make you money.

Melissa Anzman (00:42): Thanks for spending some time with me today. Now let's get started on today's episode.

Melissa Anzman (00:48): We have my friend and Facebook ads, guru Diana Mantey. Now Diana and I met through a group like a coaching group that we're both in and we hit it off really quickly because I was in desperate need of some Facebook ad help and enters Diana. She rescued my ads, was able to increase my conversion rates. And then we realized we have a similar sense of humor, but Diana is the owner of next generation advertising, where she helps online coaches grow their audience, fill their Facebook groups and launches and sell their offers through customized advertising strategies and full service Facebook ad account management. So today we're going to have a little bit of a different conversation because she is in a very high touch industry. So you will hear how she was able to launch and what she talks about for her launch moment today.

Melissa Anzman (01:47): So I can't wait for you to meet Diana let's get started. Hey Diana, thanks so much for coming on the podcast. I'm so excited to have you here today. So Diana and I met through a group we're both in and I, she specializes in Facebook ads, which she's going to clarify and tell you more about in just a minute. But,uI raised my hand, I hopped on a call with her and in an hour of consulting, she was able to completely turn around my Facebook ad and my results,uwhich was fantastic. And from there we just became friends and hopefully she thinks we're friends. I think we're friends. Okay, good. Uand you know, she has a very different type of business and a different way of launching and putting her digital products and services together. So I thought she'd be really interesting to have on the show to share a different perspective about watching. So welcome to the show, Melissa. Thanks so much for having me, I'm excited to be here. Awesome. So if you could, could you just give us a little bit of background about your business and what it is that you do? Sure, definitely. So my business is next generation advertising specialize

Diana Mantey (03:00): In Facebook and Instagram ads for online coaches. So essentially I help coaches grow their audience, fill their Facebook groups, build their launches and sell their offers through customized strategy and full service ad account management.

Melissa Anzman (03:15): Love it well done. That is like a very clear what I do and who I help. I love it all day long. So with that, what launched do you want to talk about today?

Diana Mantey (03:27): We can talk about my most recent launch, which was actually my first and only launch for my Facebook ad services before I was pretty much doing just like one on one recruitment and booking consults and had never done a launch before. So it was all new to me, but it was definitely fun, so sure. We can definitely dissect that.

Melissa Anzman (03:51): Awesome. So tell me if you could, what made you decide now is the time to try a different type of thing and launch?

Diana Mantey (03:58): Yeah, so actually I've been working with coaches who launch all the time. I help them fill their launches and they're like, Diana, come on, you got a launch. And I was like I don't even know, like, I guess what I would teach on or where, where to start. And I didn't have a Facebook group, but then I was inspired and put, put it all together and literally like a week. And I was just like, I'm going to do this. Like you just gotta dive in and give it a shot. So within about three weeks, I went from no Facebook group to Facebook group and launching I only had about a little over a hundred people in my group and about 70 registered for the launch, which was totally fine. It was more of something I just wanted a learning experience and see how it goes. So it was something I could build on for the future.

Melissa Anzman (04:51): I love that. I mean, so most people who launch don't do what you did, most people who launched for the first time or even the 10th time wait and make sure. And it's scary. And I don't know. And like, I love that. You're like, you know, this idea, I see it all the time. Why don't I just try it? I think that's so helpful because you ended up after just trying it, you had some really interesting results and discoveries along the way. So tell us a little bit more about what your, what you launched. So you have this Facebook group, what was your intent going into the launch of sort of what it looked like and what the outcome was going to be?

Diana Mantey (05:30): Yeah, so beforehand I had just been looking for mostly one-on-one private clients and I decided to go into this launch with a totally new offer, which I know you're probably listening to this, like Diana, why would you do that? Great question. So actually, like, as I developed this six month group coaching program for Facebook ads that I decided I'm going to go into this launch and offer and through the launch, especially more towards like, as I went through, I realized that it probably wasn't the best fit for the market and I wasn't super sold myself on this offer. So I know what I learned was for the future. I definitely will scrap this offer, not use it again, but more use my launches to enroll one-on-one private clients which is pretty much my bread and butter right now, what I do, what I do well. And I think too, something that I preach to my clients that I'm bringing on is we're going into a launch with a proof of concept offer. So is something that you've taken to the market you've had success with organically. And so I know too that my results will be better right. With that, with that strategy. And I'm yeah. Looking forward to the next one.

Melissa Anzman (06:49): It's so interesting. Because what I liked about your launch and I was part of it, I was in it, I saw it, it was super helpful and great with that. You know, behind the scenes, I knew that you were sort of feeling out along the way of, you know, this just doesn't feel like the right offer, like what I'm trying to accomplish during this launch, doesn't feel consistent. And you're like, great, I'll change it. Like I already know what it is I do and what I do very well. And so you went for that and that is a sense of agility. Most entrepreneurs need, but don't necessarily have. So is that just sort of who you are or where you, like, how did you come to that decision?

Diana Mantey (07:35): I think a mix of one being able to kind of read people, the environment and seeing like what the overall response and reaction was to it. And also putting again into my head, like who my ideal client is my avatar, what they want and what they need. And that's a done for you solution that they don't need to worry about. And so coming back to that, but also I have an education background. So a huge part of me is like, I love teaching. I want to like engage with you and have you learn everything I know so that you can do it in the future too. And, you know, offering accessible options to people who can't afford a done for you service. But also being mindful of, of course me building my own business and what that's going to look like. And so right now the private clients is, is the way to go to really fill up that roster, start building a team and then explore more of like group masterminds group programs and, and move in that direction.

Melissa Anzman (08:40): Yeah. So one of the things that I'd like to pluck out, because I think you're almost too close to it to see the brilliance of it, or I'm too deep in the market to know that it's different, right? One of the others is true, probably both a little bit of it is that what Diana is doing. And I will say doing successfully and we'll break down what that means in a second is she is launching, but still serving and selling a one Oh one solution. So one of the big things that happen into in the market that I see is we think about launches as you know, we're selling a big product or a package thing, or a one to many solution, like a group or a membership or something of that nature and, or an ebook, right. If we're taught or a tiny offer, we have all these different types of launches and Diana is launching to build community.

Melissa Anzman (09:46): And so that along the way she can teach and then those community members sell into, or become her one on one clients. And that's very different than how most people think of a launch. So I want to point that out because a lot of people who listen to the podcast may be coaches or may be service providers like Diana and may sort of think like I don't really have a good fit for a package product necessarily, or maybe a hands off one to many. Isn't my ideal solution. Can I still launch the answer is yes. Diana's is doing it.

Diana Mantey (10:29): Yeah. And I think too, from like a lot of people who come to me for Facebook ads, a lot of coaches, you know, we're looking to, let's grow your audience, let's fill your group with new members. And a lot of that is of course, wanting to convert people immediately and get that ROI back on ad spend and investment right away. And that totally makes sense. But that's also a point where I come from from advertising is consistency is key. Repetition is key lifetime customer value. You need to be cognizant of this and remember this that, you know, if you're consistent, if you're constantly bringing new people into your ecosystem, a high ticket package, it takes awhile for people to convert. So even if they're not converting in the first seven days during your launch, maybe they'll attend the next one and they'll attend the next one.

Diana Mantey (11:18): And so something like it's normal for a 90 day conversion rate for a high ticket client, or even longer than that. So having that mindset of me too, knowing that I'm selling something higher ticket that bringing people into my Facebook group, into my ecosystem, getting to know them, showing them what I know, what I can provide to them. And then when they're ready, having them reach out to me and definitely has worked in terms of closing one on one clients from my group and mind you, this has only been for less than two months that I've had this as well as individual consultation calls that people just reach out and be like, Hey, how can I talk to you for an hour? So, and that's also, you know, for people who are DIY or something, so don't have, or aren't ready to make that full investment with you, but are also reaching out and saying, how can you help me? How can I work with you? And yeah, kind of setting them up for the path of what that might look like, whether it's now or in the future.

Melissa Anzman (12:19): Yeah. And one big thing you didn't mention that is a result of it is the people who are in your group and experienced it are now ambassadors and refers to you.

Diana Mantey (12:29): Yeah, definitely. And that's so valuable, I think, of with any business or whatever you're selling or doing the people like outside of you who have had an awesome experience with you that whenever like Melissa is a great example. I mean, time, she sees somebody who is like, Oh, I need help with Facebook ads. I always have a notification pop up. Diana, can you help? And I appreciate it. And I love it so much because right. It's another pair of eyes that's like sharing my, or like credible source. Cause it means so much more when it comes from somebody else versus it's you pitching yourself. So never underestimate the power of yeah. A referral

Melissa Anzman (13:11): I'm giggling over here because she's right. I am all over it. Like, Hey Diana, did you see this in Facebook? I'm like, Hey, how can I help this person? Like I see the word Facebook before I even finished the sentence Diana in. So I think she's converted if your clients are consoled after those deans, but regardless like, you know, it just shows the power of when you do create community and you do showcase your teaching, whether or not someone converts into your product they're in your sphere and they can become your biggest refers or your biggest supporters or, you know, ongoing clients and so on and so far. So I think it's interesting to look at launches bigger than just that one time sell.

Diana Mantey (13:57): Yeah, definitely. I think so too, like if you're going to launch again in the future, which I don't have anything step, but I know I'm going to do it again. I already have people in my group who have gone with me, gone through with me for something, or they're still they're coming in now and interacting. And I know, you know, it's the whole nurture process of, and I think above all, we're in business for like to help people to work with people. We're all people, we want that relationship. And we want to trust someone before, you know, we throw our money on the table to work with them. Because I know I do so I wouldn't mix different.

Melissa Anzman (14:36): Yeah, no, it's a good point. I'm over here giggling again, because you know, Diana and I are very opposite people, which is why I love her. So because she, you know, she is super kindhearted and I mean, what I know of her should say, right. If you're listening and are her friend and her like, Melissa, you don't know this the way I know Diana she's super kindhearted. She's so friendly. She's so outgoing and kind like just truly kind. And so you add me to the equation where I'm blunt as can be. And I'm like, I have no time for this. Like I don't even know. So it, it's just an interesting like perspective. Cause for Diana, as she said, she's coming to business to work with people and to make that connection and do all that. And I, and I am as well, but the way she say it says that is so different than the way I would say it.

Melissa Anzman (15:28): Right. Of like why we're in business. So I love your perspective on that. And it's also a good dimension of the know, like, and trust factor, right? Like the way you're talking about it is you really want to deeply know and connect. And for me, I want to trust, right. Like, I don't care if I like you, I just want to trust you and your results. So it's an interesting perspective. Yeah, totally. So what what advice would you have in for somebody who is maybe in a service providing space who does done for you services or who is a coach that really is great at and wants to stay at one to one? What's your advice for them? If they're, you know, thinking about how do I grow community, how do I do a launch? Like, is it for them?

Diana Mantey (16:15): Yeah. I think one having the space, a lot of people also ask, well, Diana or whoever, why, why should I have a Facebook group? Why do I need a Facebook group? And I thought that for a while too, like, is this something that I want to dedicate my time to and manage in the more I have to really look at it as like an investment in of my time and my community, again, because we're selling high ticket things. So we need to find people and get them into all one place besides an email list where they have the opportunity to interact with us. And on social media, you can use live video, and yet you can plug those into your emails or whatever you want to do as well. But it's such a more interactive space where you can also see other people engaging back and forth and get feedback too.

Diana Mantey (17:01): So really creating that community overall, that's all around your brand. And so again, it all goes back to know like, and trust if somebody is part of that and they're like, yes, I vibe with you. Yes. I think you can solve my problem. And they're going to reach out to you and it doesn't need to be when you launch, I don't think it needs to be a group program. You can totally do one-on-one services and there's a way to make it still like unique and tell people to take action. Now, whether you're offering like a special price or special offer those add on bonuses limited spots available. So all of those things that you can still really put that urgency is scarcity into a one-on-one offer. And, you know, the, like you're doing that, especially with one-on-one you have a cap on your time. So it's another thing of like really, I only have so many spaces and if you want to work with me, this is how you can do it. So, and people can always come to you to later afterwards. But yeah, it's all about, of course, one on one, you're going to get to know somebody in somebody's business or whatever they're doing on a lot more personal level. So yeah. Creating that community and having where you're doing your launch, I think, and just keeping that over time is super important.

Melissa Anzman (18:24): I love it. So usually now is where we end the podcast, but I would be remiss to end this podcast interview without asking you the Facebook ads expert for just a few Facebook ad nuggets that are launch related. So we're still on topic, but I think what was so interesting about our conversation, I mean, I know Facebook as I know enough to be more than dangerous, right. I, I think you realize I know more than probably most to, to that, but what I think was super interesting is your perspective on what to do versus maybe what the big names are doing, right? Like how to sort of why that matters. So, and you're just advice was super head on. So if someone were going to coming to you for a launch and maybe has a Facebook ad that isn't converting now, obviously we're not using specifics, so we don't have add, and I don't have, or I don't have copy and I don't have graphics to show you, but I'm just curious, like what sort of a top tip that you would give for somebody who's starting out with Facebook ads other than hire a freaking expert.

Melissa Anzman (19:34): Cause I think you should that aside, if you're still DIY buying it, you're trying to troubleshoot a Facebook ad. What would your advice be for that?

Diana Mantey (19:43): Yeah. So the one thing is people are always thinking, especially if you're doing it yourself, like, Oh, it's not working because of this or it's not working because of my targeting or because of my copy or because of my creative. But the truth is, is you can never really know because a lot of times ads aren't working is because if you're a post-click experience. So one being able to really look at all of the data together and seeing is my ad the issue, or is my landing page, actually the issue of what people are doing after they're taking action on the ad, because that could very well be something that's yeah, hindering your success that nobody thinks about. And they're always so quick to blame Facebook, but in terms of putting an ad together one, I think realistic expectations in terms of your results and how much you're willing to invest. So many people are thinking I want 500 leads, but I only want to put $500 in well, in some markets, yes, that's definitely possible. But if you're trying to reach high end CEOs or business women or men that's, that's not

Melissa Anzman (20:48): Going to happen for you. So realistic expectations in terms of what your investment is going to be and the results you want to get, of course, with copy and creative mirroring what your ideal avatar client would react to. So a photo that is native, of course, stock photos, don't use them look like kind of who they are or who they want to transform to be. And of course, copy, always speaking to the benefits, keeping it short and sweet. Long copy of course works too. But in terms of short and sweet, don't be too wordy. If we can cut some words out, cut them out use emojis, space out your lines. No one wants to read like a big paragraph on an ad. So in targeting is half the battle. So definitely good luck with that. Take your time, plan it all out before you ever jump into the ads manager.

Melissa Anzman (21:41): Because once you get in there, you should be able to spend just a couple minutes, plugging everything, copying and pasting things. And then sending it on its way that was pure gold. Diana. That was more than one nugget. That was a lot. And you know, I love how you talk about it because it's similar to how I do the lunch. The latch yourself like diagnostic, because people are like mice, my product isn't selling because I priced too high or my product sucks. And it's like, that's never the reason, like those are two of the least reasonable things of why your product isn't selling. And same with Facebook ads. They're like my ads aren't converting because Facebook or because of the it's you taught me of like, no, actually like here's an I wasn't the one complaining about that for the record, but my ads weren't converting and I'm like, I really don't even know what to change.

Melissa Anzman (22:40): And you're like, well, how about, and you looked at the numbers and you're like, it looks like your landing page needs a tweak. I'm like, you're right. And it increased, like, I don't remember the percentage, but it was sick was changing the landing page, you know, after you looked at my numbers. So I love gold, gold, gold, not the intention of this episode, but doesn't old gold all around. So I appreciate it. Of course. So Diana, where can people find you online? Yeah. And so my website is NG advertising.com and on Facebook, just next generation advertising and would love to connect with you on there. Love it. We'll be sure to include it in the, in the show notes as well as some info on how to get into your Facebook group community so that we can keep the conversation going. Awesome. Thanks so much, Melissa. This was fun.

Melissa Anzman (23:34): Join the free launch workshop where you'll learn why your digital products aren't selling nearly as much as you plan for and how to diversify and scale your income by launching the right way. Text, launchyourself, all one word to: 44222.