A Friend Stole My Business/Product Idea

As if being a solopreneur isn’t hard enough – hustling for clients, constantly creating content and selling things, being the sole decision maker, and wearer of a thousand hats, you have to worry about someone you know stealing your idea. Or do you?

Early on in my solopreneurship journey, I was on either end of the spectrum when it came to sharing, brainstorming and asking for help. I would either overshare with too many people, or hold things so closely to my chest that I never sanity checked anything.

In one of my over-sharing moments, I told a trusted friend and fellow entrepreneur about a business idea that I had. It was to create a course on a very specific topic with various moving pieces and reach. I didn’t think twice about it. She was a friend of mine, a business owner herself, someone I trusted.

About two weeks later I saw that she had bootstrapped a new product launch and it was exactly the same idea I had shared with her two weeks earlier. And the kicker… she never even said anything to me about it. It was like to her, I had absolutely nothing to do with the idea or concept – she came up with it all on her own.

As outspoken as I can be, I also don’t like burning bridges so I never said anything to her about it. In fact, I helped her promote it.

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Am I Expert Enough?

This post originally appeared on Women 2.0.

It never fails – you find yourself at the cross-section of finally figuring out what you want to share with the world when self-doubt and self-questioning sets in. Instead of moving forward, you’re stuck asking yourself: “Am I expert enough to do this?”

Then you start comparing your background and experience with someone else in the field and decide you come up short in some areas: not as many years in the game, you’re younger in age, you haven’t worked with that one special client, you don’t know everything in the field, and so on.

You end up ditching your brilliant idea and direction for an easier path, or altogether, because you feel that your experience doesn’t add up.

Before getting stuck in paralysis analysis forever or ditching your dream, use this guide to test and gauge your expertise and finally answer the question, “Am I expert enough?”

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LY Podcast Ep. 26 feat. Laura Leigh Clarke

Laura Leigh Clarke from ProsperityQM is a successful author and coach, not to mention a recovering quantum physicist cum prosperity creator, profiler, and also actor, martial artist, and die hard Dr. Who Fan. She was running a very successful coaching business following the success of her book, Wire Yourself for Wealth, when she realized she was a vanilla life coach.

In this episode, Laura talks about her realization that she wasn’t be uniquely who she is and how she pivoted her business to let her authentic self shine through… and how that impacted her business and life.

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Launch Plan Challenge: Learn how to earn more

When people write to me about their launches, often their biggest question is, “Why didn’t I earn more from my product launch?”

  • I did everything right, but I still didn’t meet my projections.
  • I have a great product, why don’t moe people want it?
  • I wasn’t quite sure what to do, so I just launched.
  • I have no idea what to launch… so I’ll just wait.

And these less than stellar results, leads to frustration and for some, the urge to give up – on their business, on their product, on their dream.

It’s time to break the “failed launch” cycle and try something new. I have created a 7-day FREE challenge, ahem – bootcamp, so you can get out of analysis paralysis and start making money now.

It’s free and it will help you take your business to the next level. Ok, and it may even be a bit a fun too. The challenge start on March 9th. I hope you join us!


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6 Steps to Every Launch

When I worked on my first launch, well before the word “launch” was a thing, we basically threw everything up on the wall and watched to see what stuck and what… didn’t. Every launch since then, I’ve been tweaking, learning, watching, doing.

And it became clear that there were very specific steps or phases that every successful launch goes through.

Want to know the secret? Well, here you go:

The 6 P’s of Launching

1. Product

Too often, people plan backwards and start with how much money they need to earn quickly instead of starting at the beginning – the product/service that you are creating. Which never leads to a successful launch.

Instead, you need to start with the product itself. Maybe you already have an idea in mind or are on the other end of the spectrum, and have a lot of ideas but aren’t sure which one to choose. Neither approach is ideal or leads to success.

Your product isn’t about your idea – it’s about what will provide the most value to your customer. The number one solution that you can deliver to them, to get them the transformation or solution they are seeking.

Choosing your product, along with how you are going to deliver it (course/eBook/membership site, etc.), pricing, timeline, and so on – is the most important step of the entire launch process. Get this “P” wrong or even slightly off, and you won’t be able to even get close to the potential of your launch.

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